Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Ten hour shifts

I am a NUM in Northern NSW. We have been discussing doing 10 hour days and I wondered if you knew of any hospitals or contacts in NSW where the NUMs already do 10 hour days.

A. There are areas where NUMs' work 9 hr days so that they have a 9 day fortnight. There are areas that have clinical NUM 1's and are rostered on 10 hr nights. It seems it is what you negotiate with your organisation but it would be best to go through your local NSWNA branch and area organiser. This then prevents it being labelled as "enterprise bargaining" or individual employment contracts.

Q. Regrading NUM Positions

I was wondering if there would be any one who could provide me with advice on how to regrade the NUM position. I am required to regrade the position from NUM2 to NUM3. I don’t feel the NSW State Award doesn't provide a clear enough breakdown between the levels. Can you advise me or refer me to some one who may be able to help.

A. Regrading of any position should be done through a regarding committee set up by the organisation. The committee should include representation from the NSWNA, not branch level but area organiser level, HR and Nursing Administration. This is for regrading of positions that are currently encumbered. If the position is vacant, I believe it is just a matter for the nursing administration to justify the raise in level. The best advice I can offer is to speak to your local NSWNA organiser.

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