Vision and Purpose

Aims and Objectives of the NUM Society

The Society has continued to hold annual conferences, hold supper sessions with guest speakers and have offered additional seminars as part of our original objective to provide education for NUMs.

Scholarship and conference registration fees are also available to members of more than two years (conditions apply). Networking has proven to be a most enjoyable and worthwhile outcome of NUMs getting together; conference evaluations frequently contain comments to this effect.

The nursing unit managers from small organizations who would not have a great deal of peer support at work benefit much from being able to interact with a lot of NUMs. They can and have sought advice on allotted projects such as accreditation.


"We are dynamic front line managers who are leading change for the profession."


"We are a support network who advocates for professionals interests of nursing and midwifery front line managers."

Aims and Objectives of the Nursing and Midwifery Unit Managers Society of NSW

The Society still holds true to these aims and is often approached by outside bodies when there are matters of importance that they wish to discuss with NUMs. This is generally done at a supper session so that any NUM can attend and have his or her say.

Apart from what we can learn from each other, we are empowered by our association with each other, our voice is heard and acknowledged.

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